and Supply

of a wide range of products

We provide services
to the energy,
and food sector

Thanks to our
portfolio of business

MF Commercial & MF Products. We are a 100% Mexican company, dedicated to the marketing and supply of a wide range of products within and outside the country. Thanks to our portfolio of business and the different distribution channels we provide services to the energy, manufacturing and food sector.


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We are authorized distributors of HellermannTyton, global manufacturer of ties of high performance, connection, routing, protection, and identification of solutions to diverse markets.



Call us, in Mexico: 899 925 7542 y 899 143 5134 In the U.S.: 956 5851017 Ext 2004


Mexico: Salvador Martínez #404 Col. Doctores CP 88690 Reynosa Tamaulipas U.S.: 3805 Plantation Grove Blvd. Ste 4 Mission Texas 78572

Get in touch with us by sending us a message:

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    Administration Manager

    Lic Elizabeth Mendoza 899 9511175

    Manager of Accounting

    L.C.P.F Mayra Ivonne Garcia 899 9511175


    Lic. Brenda Armendariz 956 5851017 Ext 2004