The highest quality


A wide variety of products

With more than 4 calibers of avocado;
and different recipes for guacamole.

MF Comercial, along with Manfer, his official distributor, are currently engaged in exporting high quality avocado, this through a strategic and exclusive Alliance with the avocado producing region of Michoacán.
Avocado type is Hass, whose shell is rough to semi rough texture, this feature is uniform across the surface. Its shape is round to semi paired up, characteristic matte green color to black, its fiber is yellowish green, smooth, non-fibrous texture, butter type.

We have a wide variety of products with more than 4 calibers, for regular and organic avocado; also different recipes for guacamole.
Another alternative is the avocado in halves and pieces, one of the biggest advantages of these presentations is that they are vacuum packed, and have up to 2 years of shelf life under optimum conditions (frozen).

In Menfer and MF Comercial we are dedicated to sale and distribute products based on avocado, with our private-label. Looking forward to provide fresh products for our consumers.
Hass avocado pulp mixed with the required amount of additives according to the specified formulation, based on organic avocados and high quality processes.
Currently this product is being commercialized in México, the European Union and Israel. With a capacity of 100 tonnes per month.

We have BRC and HACCP certifications and some of our production processes (UHP ultra-high performance process) that allow us to offer products that meet all the requirements of the most demanding markets.

Norma 016


G. A. P.



for guacamole

MF Comercial & Menfer are currently exporting the following calibers:

Stockpiling of fresh avocado

For transport, a 12 boxes beds are formed, making 216 boxes per pallet. The container can be loaded with up to 20 pallets.


Thanks to modern facilities, you have the flexibility to customize packaging (package, bags, boxes , labels) avocado in any of its presentations.

Sachet’s 1.07 Oz.

Product Code: MFS1-07OZ
No. pieces: 270 p/box
Weight: 1.07 Oz.
Net weight : 288.9 Oz.
Pallet: 90 boxes

Sachet’s 1.5 Oz.

Product Code: MFS01-5OZ
No. pieces: 100 p/box
Weight : 1.5 Oz.
Net weight : 150 Oz.
Pallet: 168 boxes

Transparent container 8.81 Oz. / 250 gr

Product Code: MFT250GR
No. pieces: 12 p/box
Weight : 8.81 Oz.
Net weight : 105.72 Oz.
Pallet: 168 boxes

Transparent container 16 Oz.

Product Code: MFT016OZ
No. pieces: 12 p/box
Weight : 16 Oz.
Net weight : 192 Oz.
Pallet: 132 boxes

Transparent container 17.63 Oz. / 500 gr

Product Code: MFT500GR
No. pieces: 12 p/box
Weight : 17.63 Oz.
Net weight : 211.56 Oz.
Pallet: 132 boxes

White container 17.63 Oz. / 500 gr

Product Code: MFW500GR
No. pieces: 12 p/box
Weight : 17.63 Oz.
Net weight: 211.56 Oz.
Pallet: 132 boxes

White Container 3 Lb.

Product Code: MFW003LB
No. pieces : 6 p/box
Weight : 3 Lb.
Net weight : 18 Lb.
Pallet: 91 boxes

Plastic Pail 25 Lb.

Product Code: MFP025LB
No. pieces: 1
Weight : 25 Lb.
Net weight : 25 Lb.
Pallet: 72 Plastic Pails

White Container 6 Lb.

Product Code: MFC006LB
No. pieces : 6 p/box
Weight : 6 Lb.
Net weight : 36 Lb.
Pallet: 56 boxes

Plastic Bag 6 Lb.

Product Code: MFB006LB
No. pieces : 4 p/box
Weight : 6 Lb.
Net weight : 24 Lb.
Pallet: 90 boxes

Plastic Bag 1 Lb..

Product Code: MFB001LB
No. pieces : 12 p/box
Weight : 1 Lb.
Net weight : 12 Lb.
Pallet: 144 boxes

Plastic Bag 141.09 Oz. / 4 kg.

Product Code: MFB004KG
No. pieces : 5 p/box
Weight : 141.09 Oz.
Net weight : 705.45 Oz.
Pallet: 49 boxes

Storage at 0 ° F (-18 ° C) the shelf life is 24 months.
Defrost in refrigerator at 38-42 ° F3-5 ° C) for a period of three days. The product life defrosted in a sealed container is 6 days refrigerated at 40 ° F (4-5 ° C) and 48 hours in open container.
Once the product has been defrosted, do not refreeze.
Note: Due to the process of freezing, the white dots on the package are caused by this.


All of the boxes are 4 k and have the following measures:

  • Large: 36 cm
  • Height: 10 cm
  • Width: 29 cm


Our products are transported in refrigerated cases at -18 ° C

In the case of land freight, is possible throughout the year, however, it is best from September to April, when the fruit is at its best.


For the rest of the year (May to August) we have the alternative for guacamole or avocado in halves, slices and dices.

Described as 'cold pasteurization', it allows us the same great taste, texture and vitamins, while ensuring the highest level of food safety.

The food ultra high performance processing technology allows:

  • Drastically reduce microbial contaminant flora.
  • Destroy pathogens (Listeria, Escherichia coli, Salmonella)
  • Extend the life of the product
  • Improve health quality.
  • Maintains organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the stabilized products.


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